The first dedicated online training focused on cyber exercises for Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CERTs/CSIRTs) and supported by innovative CTI technologies is about to become a reality! These CTI technologies, developed by M4D, the participating group of ITI – CERTH, are foreseen under the H2020 IA project ‘artificial Intelligence threat Reporting and Incident response System – IRIS’!

Indeed, M4D Group, collaboratively with other 18 partners, aims to protect critical infrastructures and systems against cross-border AI and IoT threats in a three-year project. Investing in technologies that can support the creation of dynamic repositories related to threats and vulnerabilities which target IoT and AI-driven ICT systems, will enrich this information with the use of taxonomies and ontologies. What is more than that, the employed taxonomies and ontologies will be based on and improve in a (semi)automatic way already existing IoT and AI related taxonomies and ontologies.

Given that context, M4D will be able to frame dynamic policies and mechanisms for collaborative sharing and orchestration of cyber threat intelligence among CERTs, CSIRTs, and other stakeholders. Follow the project’s website and learn about what the partners aim to achieve via IRIS’s blog!