The Multimodal Data Fusion and Analytics (M4D) group emerged through the results of several National and European projects in the areas of Web and social media mining, Multimedia analysis and retrieval, Computer vision, Multimodal Data Fusion, Big Data processing, Multimodal analytics based on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, as well as Decision support and visual analytics. The group is part of the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media analytics Lab (MKLab) of the Information Technologies Institute of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas.

The first activities of the group started with the FP7 projects MULTISENSOR and HOMER in 2013 as part of the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media analytics Lab (MKLab) led by Dr Ioannis Kompatsiaris. On 2016 and based on the research results of these projects in the areas of semantic multimedia analysis, web data mining and multimodal retrieval the group extended its research activities in areas of multimodal analytics and decision support and applied these technologies mainly in the health (H2020 KRISTINA), and security domain (H2020 SEC TENSOR, H2020 SEC beAWARE). In the upcoming years, the group further enriched its research activities in the areas of semantic multimedia retrieval by having leading roles in Media& Arts domain (H2020 V4Design (CO), H2020 MindSpaces (CO), H2020 SO-Close). Also M4D was established as a key player in all areas of security by conducting research in the areas of semantics, computer vision and AI-based multimodal analytics in research projects relevant to crisis management (H2020 Ingenious, H2020 aqua3S), fight crime and terrorism (H2020 Connexions, H2020 CREST), border surveillance (H2020 ROBORDER, H2020 ARESIBO) and digital security (FORESIGHT, ECHO). In parallel M4D applied its research in new domains such as Earth observation (H2020 EOPEN) and Migration (H2020 MIICT, H2020 WELCOME). Currently the M4D group develops cutting-edge algorithms and novel solutions relevant to Multimodal data fusion, Multimedia analysis and retrieval and AI-based multimodal analytics in many application domains such as Arts & Media, Security, Health, Earth Observation, Migration, Software infrastructure and Smart manufacturing.