The Next Stage Sustainability Bootcamp by the Alexander Innovation Zone in Thessaloniki, executed by Ideas Forward and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece, takes place for the third consecutive year, uniting organizations, startups, researchers, and businesses under the umbrella of sustainability and innovation.

CDXi, a spin-off company of CERTH, derived from the M4D Group, addressed to the future, applying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions for sustainable practices in both water management in the agri-food sector and on the path to digital transformation.

More specifically, the company uses the satellite images of the Copernicus program, combining the measurements from the available terrestrial sensors, with the aim of mapping the problems that arise in production.

P.1 Pollution of water reservoirs leads to low quality water, which is destined for the agro-food chain through irrigation canals.

Ground sensors capture the image of the soil and those factors that directly affect the health of the plant. Considering the indicators and measurable factors, the team proceeds to analyze the causes that created it and proceeds to solve the problem. Each producer or production unit thus has at its disposal personalized services, commensurate with the needs and size of the company.

P.2 Detection of suspicious formations on the water surface, after removing the cloud cover. Automatic notification on the user’s mobile phone informs him of a possible pollution event.

Aligned with the UN’s global goals on sustainable development, for CDXi the next day in agriculture and water management cannot be anything but sustainable.