M4D/MKLab in cooperation with the Alto Adriatico Water Authority (AAWA) is organizing the Flood-related Multimedia task at the MediaEval Multimedia Evaluation benchmark, an initiative that is dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval.

The task requires participants to build an information retrieval system or a classifier that is able to distinguish whether or not a tweet is relevant to a flooding event in an area of interest, in order to support flood disaster management. Participants can tackle the challenge using text features, image features, or a combination of both.

The dataset of the task, collected and annotated in the frame of H2020 beAWAREH2020 EOPEN and H2020 aqua3S projects, consists of Italian-language tweets, motivated by the common flood events in the cities of the Eastern Alps partition in North-East Italy.

Find out more: https://multimediaeval.github.io/editions/2020/tasks/floodmultimedia/

Or sign up now: https://multimediaeval.github.io/editions/2020/