M4D/MKLab coordinates the H2020 project i4Q on Industrial Data Services for Quality Control in Smart Manufacturing. The project had its Kick off Meeting on Tue. 19/01/2021 – Wed. 20/01/2021 and it aims at providing the industry with a complete solution that will consist of sustainable IoT-based Reliable Industrial Data Services (RIDS) which will be able to manage huge amounts of industrial data. This data will come from cost-effective, smart, and small-size interconnected factory devices and will be supported by i4Q throughout their complete flow, meaning from data collection to data analysis, simulation and prediction. In this way, the industry can aim towards zero-defect manufacturing and a smart and fully-digitized factory.

i4Q involves 24 partners from 11 different European countries that bring to the table various expertise and experience in the manufacturing and research & development fields. 6 of them are large industries dealing with wood equipement (BIESSE), metal machining (FIDIA), white goods (Whirpool), metal equipment (FACTOR), ceramic pressing (RIASTONE) and plastic injection (FARPLAS). These partners will be the first users of the i4Q solutions and will contribute to reaching technological readiness levels of TRL7, TRL8 and TRL9 with the final products being market-readyM4D/MKLab in particular will contribute to delivering the whole project’s vision, the benchmarking of technologies for quality in manufacturing, manufacturing data integration and fusion, smart manufacturing monitoring and alerting, manufacturing line quality diagnosis, smart alerting and, of course, the management of the project.

We are certain that this will be the start of a very successful collaboration!