M4D participates at the editorial committee of the Topic and is represented by Dr. Stefanos Vrochidis. The topic of Disaster and Crisis Management applications to the open access publishing platform, MDPI. This topic includes five different MDPI journals, while authors can submit manuscripts to any journal participating in the Topic, and select the publishing conditions.

The topic calls for papers that cover aspects relevant to the technological developments in various fields, such as

➢ IoT,
➢ edge computing,
➢ digital twins,
➢ machine learning,
➢ computer vision,
➢ embedded systems, and
➢ integrated sensors for hazard monitoring, forecasting and prediction.

The submitted papers can address the challenges associated with disaster risk assessment, as well as to communication and preparedness activities, systems, and processes which enable individuals, communities, governments, and businesses to take timely action to reduce disaster risks in advance of hazardous events.

We invite all interested parties to submit a paper via the following link: https://www.mdpi.com/topics/6BR5EU7HGW, where you can also find information about the topic Editors, as well as the participating Journals.The published papers will be collected together on the Topic website.