The three-day 1st Plenary Meeting of the ONCODIR Project, led by M4D/ITI/CERTH, was held at Nicosia, Cyprus on 23rd-25th of January 2024.

ONCODIR Project concerns the Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research. Through this project we will identify risk factors associated with colorectal cancer and we will integrate multidisciplinary research methods and technologies (including health policy analytics, artificial intelligence and decision support theories) to deliver evidence-based and personalized recommendations on colorectal cancer prevention.

During these three days the teams focused on the main objectives of the project underling the following:

Identify main correlations, barriers and significant factors of CRC

Ensure equal and affordable access to cancer prevention strategies for everyone between and within EU countries

Provide innovative AI-powered personalized prevention approaches

Enhance the ongoing evidence-based CRC prevention programs for precise CRC primary prevention

Establish risk-based stratification for citizens considering structural and behavioural interventions through participatory approach

Design intelligent monitoring tools for policy makers through a participatory co-designing approach


Moreover, during the event common understanding was established between technical partners and end users, an updated timeplan was presented and the pilot planning was refined, while during the User Workshop, the teams reviewed and evaluated the Data Collection Requirements by Use Case and Use Case Discussion.

While M4D/ ITI/ CERTH leads the project, all implicated consortium parties are dedicated to going above and beyond what is expected, considering the aim, the objectives and the potential expected impact of the project; generating and sharing new knowledge about the prevention of colorectal cancer via evidence-based interventions with the scientific community that will also extend to adopted policies by policy makers.