The M4D/MKLab-ITI-CERTH team successfully participated in the 1st Robotic and Automation Expo held in Athens, Greece from April 12th to 14th, representing CERTH alongside ITI Robotics Lab.

Throughout the three-day event, M4D researchers showcased the successful outcomes of various ongoing and concluded EU-Horizon Research and Innovation projects, including ASHVIN, ISOLA, LAW GAME, and DIH^2.

In addition to videos, leaflets, and banners, M4D provided live virtual reality demonstrations of the LAW-GAME project, aimed at enhancing the training of law enforcement personnel in crime scene detection, evaluation, and analysis. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the VR simulation firsthand by wearing VR headsets and completing specific tasks guided by M4D researchers.

Among the advanced technical solutions showcased at CERTH’s booth, M4D highlighted digital twin technologies, data fusion and artificial intelligence techniques supporting automation in construction, improving ship safety as well as search & rescue and first responders operations, enabling smart manufacturing, and boosting autonomous operations for environmental monitoring.


Pic.1: Trial users experience