Smart Interconnected Infrastructures for Security and Protection

The goal of DESMOS project is to combine technology and human resources to provide a protection and security environment for citizens, emphasizing on tourists, by creating the appropriate infrastructure to address a set of ‘urgent’ situations. Given that the use of mobile and portable devices is now widespread, the project intends to use existing technology and customization for the benefit of citizens. Emergencies that may arise may be of a medical nature (allergies, medical conditions), dangerous incidents (e.g. thefts, vandalism) or situations encountered in crowded places (e.g. child disappearance). Within the framework of the project, a platform for participatory cooperation between people and infrastructures will be created and through the reporting of incidents and emergencies using ICT, assistance will be provided by a network of volunteers and local authorities. Applications for mobile and portable devices will be developed in order to be used by citizens / tourists and volunteers to report and respond to emergencies immediately. “Smart points” will be in the city that will receive reports and requests for help and will disseminate them locally. The platform will be evaluated in pilot trials that will take place in the city of Trikala, known for its familiarity with advanced technology and sophisticated services towards citizens.