Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to critical infrastructure in Europe

The scope of DYNAMO is to combine the two fields of business continuity management (BCM) and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) to generate a situational awareness picture for decision support across all stages of the resilience cycle (prepare, prevent, protect, response, recover). Professionals of different backgrounds will work together with end-users to develop, refine and combine selected tools into a single platform. In alignment to end-user needs, human factors, high ethical standards and societal impacts, DYNAMO includes the following goals:

Resilience assessment as basis for BCM
– An assessment with different levels of detail offers with varying existent data a fast or detailed evaluation of the investigated sector and helps to identify critical processes.
– End-user data will be integrated to measure determined performance targets. With respect to the functional description, AI-based approaches will be used for a deeper understanding and potential self-learning of the interconnected process.
– The results generate knowledge concerning susceptibility and vulnerability of the investigated sector.
– The solutions support the BCM with respect to the five resilience phases.

Leveraging CTI
– CTI will be improved with respect to existing solutions (H2020 ECHO, PANACEA) and will be extended and integrated in DYNAMO. The Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) will be used to raise the situational awareness between different security actors.
– The CTI approach deliver data that will be integrated into the resilience and BCM approach. The use of AI will support the development. Solutions will be integrated with the Cyber Knowledge Graph to visualize the analysis of threat intelligence.

The DYNAMO platform will be able to collect organization’s skills data, elaborate and create custom tailored organisational training to improve organisational resilience which will be demonstrated within three different (cross-)sectoral use-cases.

M4D has a critical role in the project as the technical leader of the project and by leading a WP for the collection and sharing of collaborative CTI for situational awareness, for AI-based analysis and correlation of artifacts and IOCs. M4D will also contribute on the AI-based predictive analytics regarding possible risks and threats.