European Network Against Crime and Terrorism

The programming of Security R&I is a highly sensitive exercise which has grown in complexity during the past years. Moreover, the uptake of innovation stemming from EU-funded security R&I projects remains a challenge. The goal of ENACT is to set up a Knowledge Network for Security R&I in the Fighting Crime and Terrorism area capable of i) supporting the EU-funded FCT security R&I cycle and the overall community and market actors with actionable evidence, and ii) boosting the Innovation Uptake of the outcomes and results stemming from FCT Security funded R&I projects. ENACT brings together the most unique blend of knowledge, background, skills, resources and connections to: i) deliver a network-enabling service that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and value within the wider FCT community; ii) catalogue, aggregate and exploit the existing knowledge on the FCT area ensuring continuous availability of a structured knowledge base accessible to decision makers of the various R&I domains; iii) communicate project activities and disseminate & exploit project findings in a timely manner, ensuring continuous availability of updated actionable knowledge in each of the four domains addressed, namely capabilities, technology, market and SSH; iv) foster cooperation between FCT market actors in order to improve the market visibility and the uptake of innovation, and; v) ensure the sustainability of the “knowledge as a service” model and the enabled networking environment beyond the project duration. To operationalise these five pillars, ENACT will implement coordination and support measures to extract information from the FCT R&I Community making use of the project’s connections with specific Knowledge Hubs. It will also classify the information according to a recognisable taxonomy, define concrete metrics, derive results based on the exploitation of the acquired information and feed them back into the community, thus contributing to a more impactful EU FCT R&I effort.