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ICT Enabled Services for Migration

MIICT (ICT Enabled Services for Migration) was conceived with the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools that address the challenge of migrant integration through the co-creation of improved ICT-enabled services with migrants, refugees, public sector services, NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organisations) and other interest groups. By involving research-users at the centre of our approach we address the need to improve and customise the interfaces used to access key public services so that they better address the requirements of migrants and refugees.

In service of this goal, MIICT proposes the development of “IMMERSE” (Integration of Migrants MatchER SErvice), a database system that captures the specific socio-cultural, economic and legal contexts of migrants that is shared with public authorities. In order to promote inclusion and reduce the potential for discrimination and bias, the system acts as a firewall, meaning only information pertinent to the specific task of the public authority is visible, removing elements such as gender, ethnicity and age in circumstances where they have no relevance.

In MIICT, MKLab as a department of the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH will assume the role of the technical manager and will lead WP5 dealing with the development of IMMERSE, the Integration of Migrants Matcher Service, and WP6 dealing with the Co-Created ICTs for Public Service Access Transformation and Integration.