Holistic framework for the MatUrity evaLuaTIon of ReAdiness level for security TEchnologies

In recent years, there are plenty of metrics that try to evaluate the maturity of products/systems/processes when identifying their deployment readiness. Even though a significant effort has been made to integrate such widely used frameworks, methodologies and indicators in products/systems/processes, their usage by EU funded security R&I projects has been limited. As a result, a robust scaling framework is more than of utmost importance.
The proposed MultiRATE scaling framework will rely on existing established readiness level approaches and will formally combine them into one acceptable and reliable framework. MultiRATE will be able to evaluate and apply the readiness of all aspects of products/systems/processes. It will make a thorough research on the existing methodologies and will develop a well-established scale taking into consideration several areas of knowledge such as Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale, Integration Readiness Level (IRL), Commercialisation Readiness Level (CRL), Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL), Security, Privacy and Ethics Readiness Level (SPRL) and Societal Readiness Level (SRL). These RLs will set the basis for the creation of the holistic MultiRATE framework that will evaluate the readiness of all aspects of a product/system/process. The experience gained from maturity evaluation solutions previously developed under EU-funded projects, as well as from such solutions that will be proposed under ongoing projects will lead to the MultiRATE robust holistic framework solution. Of great importance will be the establishment of a network of projects and organisations that will support the design of the appropriate evaluation methodologies adding also their knowledge and expertise on the calibration and testing of both individual RLs and the holistic one. This network will be built based on the partners’ involvement in existing networks and EU funded projects.

M4D is responsible for the coordination of the project, the management of scientific and technical aspects of the MultiRATE project and has a critical role in the project by leading the development of the Technology Readiness Level methodology and calculator.