Novel InteGrated toolkit for enhanced pre-Hospital life support and Triage IN challenGing And Large Emergencies

Major emergencies, crisis and disasters have become more frequent the last decades. However, nowadays, emergency medical services and non-medical civil protection practitioners in a mass casualty incident scene are often striving to save lives but they are relying on complicated or outdated procedures and technology of the past. Additionally, disasters might differ in nature, geographic extent and other parameters, leading, in such a way, in a multitude of challenges. Therefore, it is uppermost affected people to feel safe and to get top-level healthcare that modern technology and current civil protection systems can offer.

Nightingale is aimed at upgrading pre-hospital life support and Triage by delivering enhanced Operational Capacity to respond to mass casualty incidents that are combined with commonly agreed methods and guidelines. It will develop, integrate, test, deploy, demonstrate and validate a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Emergency Medical Response (NIT-MR) that will be served to emergency medical services and non-medical civil protection agencies such as police, search and rescue personnel. and volunteers.

For the implementation of the platform, a multitude of tools will be developed for 1) Upgrading evaluation of injured and affected population and handle (Triage) 2) Optimising pre-hospital life support and damage control through AI-enablement 3) Allowing shared response across emergency medical services, non-medical civil protection personnel, volunteers and citizens 4) Improving situational awareness by allowing local and remote assessment of the affected people.

Within the project, M4D will deal with the development of a simulation engine for allowing a series of computational experiments in real-time and with the fusion of multi-source information for achieving context-awareness.