SECurity And privacy protectioN in Internet of Things devices

SECANT aims to contribute decisively towards improving the readiness and resilience of organisations against the crippling modern cyber-threats, by increasing the privacy, data protection, and accountability across the entire interconnected ICT ecosystem, and by reducing the costs for security training in the European market.

To this end, the SECANT platform will enhance the capabilities of organisations’ stakeholders, by implementing (a) collaborative threat intelligence collection, analysis, and sharing; (b) innovative risk analysis specifically designed for interconnected nodes of an industrial ecosystem; (c) cutting-edge trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection, and (d) security awareness training for more informed security choices. The effectiveness and versatility of the proposed solution will be validated in four realistic pilot use case scenarios applied in the healthcare ecosystem.

M4D is the scientific and technical manager of SECANT. M4D is also responsible for the research and development of technologies that enable threat intelligence collection, sharing, and reporting to CERT/CSIRTs, as well as for the creation and dynamic adaptation of taxonomies related to healthcare-related cyberattacks.