STARLIGHT – Sustainable Autonomy and Resilience for LEAs using AI against High priority Threats

STARLIGHT aims to empower LEAs with automated, operational, and cyber-resilient investigation, intelligence, surveillance and control capabilities to tackle traditional and emergent criminal activities, terrorism, cybercrime, and cyber-attacks, within and at the borders of the EU. STARLIGHT also aims at contributing to the establishment of a strong EU AI-based security ecosystem, thus enhancing the EU’s strategic autonomy in the field of AI for LEAs. The ecosystem will be built around an AI framework for reliable, accountable, responsible and transparent LEA AI solutions that will enable the involvement and transfer of knowledge between LEAs, Researchers, Industry, SMEs, and Policy makers. Overall, STARLIGHT will ensure that European LEAs lead the way in AI innovation, autonomy and resilience, addressing the challenges of the present and the future, prioritising the safety and security of Europe for all.

STARLIGHT solution as a whole will be responsible for the provision of cutting-edge AI/ML and data-driven technologies for: (i) generating high-quality multilingual and multimodal data, (ii) understanding the physical (sensors and data-gathering devices related to robotics and IoT systems) and cyber world (online sources from Surface/Deep Web, Darknets) through the exploitation and provisioning of advanced and resilient AI/ML methods and tools capable of handling large volumes of multimodal data, fusing, correlating, analysing and ultimately generating knowledge and intelligence in an explainable, transparent, and accountable manner, (iii) analysing, predicting, anticipating, detecting and mitigating current and future cyber-threats and attacks to AI LEA systems, including adversarial AI. STARLIGHT solutions will be validated by six high-priority use case application areas: 1) Counter-terrorism, 2) Child Sexual Exploitation, 3) Border & External Security, 4) Cybersecurity & Cybercrime, 5) Addressing Information Overload in Serious Organised Crime, and 6) Protection of Public Spaces. To follow the ever-evolving and rapidly changing priorities of LEAs as well as the continuous evolution of technologies such as AI, a co-design and co-creation approach will be adopted.