Autonomous and Self-organized Artificial Intelligent Orchestrator for a Greener Industry 4.0

Next-generation industrial systems promise to deliver unprecedented excellence not only in terms of performance, but also explainability, trustworthiness and transparency. To achieve this new objectives, state-of-the-art concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), edge-to-cloud (E2C) computing, blockchain, and visualisation need to be de-risked and applied. Motivated by this, TALON aims at sculpturing the road towards the next Industrial revolution by developing a fully-automated AI architecture capable of bringing intelligence near the edge in a flexible, adaptable, explainable, energy and data efficient manner.
M4D, the participating team from CERTH, contributes in the definition of TALON’s user and system requirements for the various use cases and the overall system, as well as in the definition of the KPIs, requirements, and the technology enablers towards achieving TALON’s objectives. Furthermore, M4D participates in the performance assessment via modelling & real-world results, the overall architecture & platform design, monitoring & visualisation mechanisms, installation and demonstration planning, as well as in the dissemination activities. M4D is responsible for contributing to the development of the human detection and identification toolkit, the human pose tracking software, the human activity recognition and behaviour monitoring toolkit, and the robot cognitive functions toolkit.