VIrtual healTh And weLlbeing Living Lab InftraStructurE

The EU-funded VITALISE aims to establish new Living Labs in order to support the research community in the Health and Wellbeing domain. It also invests in learning about methodologies of user engagement and co-creation, such as design thinking, focus groups and ideation.

VITALISE will design and develop ICT tools for shared access of similar devices and applications used across Living Labs, as well as for collecting, storing and sharing datasets.
It will enhance closer interaction between multidisciplinary researchers among and beyond the consortium partners through the Joint Research Activities, Transnational Physical and Virtual Access. Physical access refers to access in the infrastructure by physical presence (17 Living Lab research infrastructures across Europe) while Virtual refers to remote access using digital tools. VITALISE will invest in the development of Training methods towards the wider understanding and valorisation of Living Lab methodologies in the research community. Although these communities are already strong and continue growing as singular entities, they still fail to provide and function according to unified and harmonized processes that are easily accessible and exploitable by academia and industry researchers, beyond the Living Lab internal researchers. To address the issue, VITALISE will base itself on the fundamental principles governing Living Labs and proceed towards harmonization of procedures of Health and Wellbeing Living Labs by creating a Harmonization Body.

M4D/MKLab will coordinate activities relevant to the design and development of an extensible and robust data reference semantic model, for health and wellbeing and to the use of sensor semantic description
recommendations to structure the Living Lab domain.