A system platform that enhances the situational awareness and support Ship’s Security Stakeholders to the execution of their duties referring to the Ship’s Security Plan

Maritime transport enables trade and contacts between all EU nations and has always been a catalyst for economic development and prosperity of the Union. One of the major concerns of EU policy is to protect the citizens and economies from the consequences of unlawful intentional acts against shipping and port operations. ISOLA will develop, integrate, test, deploy, demonstrate and validate a systematic and fully automated security approach by incorporating innovative technologies for sensing, monitoring, data fusion, alarming and reporting real-time during illegal incidents. This will ensure high level of security among all passengers of the ship and augmentation of the Ship Security Plan. The main objectives of ISOLA are: 1) to create strategies and methods for a ship to easily integrate solutions regarding passengers and crew safety in the existing ship systems, 2) to propose innovative sensor and visual technologies to support security safety, 3) to create a complex collaborative system for monitoring and detecting security incidents and events, 4) to create early warning methods for the ship security crew to prevent security issues, 5) to collect incident evidences by exploiting the Augmented Reality, 6) to allow easy engagement of different authorities in a ship related crisis and finally 7) to model, classify and easily report a security event.

CERTH is responsible for the management of scientific and technical aspects, as a scientific and technical manager of the ISOLA project and has a significant role in the project by leading a WP where the developed solutions will use data processing at the edge, visual analysis techniques for the detection of unlawful acts and creation of prediction models. Finally, CERTH will develop semantic and raw data indexing mechanisms and ontological structures, pertinent to ISOLA’s end user requirements.